Sunday, 11 September 2016

First Dreamees Workshop.

Hello Everyone,

First of all I would just like to thank everyone who came and joined us for our first Dreamees workshop, we all enjoyed it and the ladies did too. We decided to run the same workshop twice because of the demand, so we get to do it all again on the 24th with different ladies, which will be amazing.
Also keep an eye out on Facebook, twitter and our own website etc for future  workshops as I do think it is something we will continue with.

I am not going to put the projects up which we have made so not to spoil it for the ladies on the 24th although I am going to put some pictures of the day.

Thank you taking time to read this post, I do appreciate it so much.

Also just a quick reminder we are back on Create and Craft on Wednesday the 14th September. See you there.

Carol xx


  1. Looks like a wonderful and fun day Carol..wish I lived closer..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. WOW Carol you had loads of ladies that's way bigger than any workshop of yours I've ever been to and you're doing another....? Looks like they had a fabulous time