Friday, 28 December 2012

Members Butterfly card

Hi there, well crafters I am trying to keep up and post on my new blog more regular now, hopefully to give you more inspiration.
Today here is a card I have made from the Dreamees 2013 Members Exclusive cd rom. You can purchase the Dreamees Membership at
Here are the details of what you need and  how I made the card.

Dreamees Membership
White card base 13x13 cm
From the cd rom 2 backing paper sheets printed full size
Word and spot backing papers printed at half size through your printer settings
Flower embellishment sheets one printed half size to make smaller flowers
Sentiments sheet printed at half size
Topper sheet printed at half size
Self adhesive pearls

First of all fold your card base in half. I made this card with the fold across the top to give a different effect, the choice is yours.
Attach the plain blue backing paper onto the card base leaving a very narrow border.
Do the same with the checked  paper leaving a narrow border.
Next cut a piece of the plain blue paper size 13cm x 7.5 cm, attach to the base card with foam squares
on top of this blue attach a piece of the spot / butterfly paper leaving a narrow border.
Next cut a narrow strip of the checked paper 1.5 cm wide  and long enough to hang over the edges of the card, cut a V in each end of the strip.
Attach on top of the spot / butterfly paper .
Next cut another piece of blue paper size 8cm x 10 cm, on top of this attach a piece of the word backing paper leaving a narrow border.
Attach this to the card  diagonally as shown in the picture.
Attach the coloured topper to the checked paper leaving a narrow border, then onto the blue paper leaving a narrow border, attach to the card using foam squares.
Leaving a narrow white border around each flower cut out  3 blue flowers, 6 peach flowers, and 3 small peach flowers from the half size printed sheet, . score down the middle of each petal on each flower and pinch together with your fingers. Dot a bit of glue in each layer of flower (3per flower) press in the middle of each flower to bring the flowers into shape. Add the 3 large flowers to the card in the top right hand corner , the small one on the check border to the right hand side.
cut out the sentiment of your choice I have used the tag, layer this onto blue paper and attach with foam squares to give dimension.
Lastly add self adhesive pearls to the centre of each flower, then 3 vertically on the word paper.

Thanks for looking
Carol xx


  1. This is such a pretty card Carol - I love that topper. The colours are gorgeous and I love the fab layout. Hugs, Jayne xx